I am immensely pleased to welcome you to the website of Gangasheel Mahavidyalaya Faizullahpur, Nawabganj, Bareilly. Where ever you are in the world I hope you will be inspired by our college and consider for Joining us to further academic studies. This college was established in the academic year 2015-2016 by our visionary and dynamic management who are expertise in the field of health and education. The college is situated in rural and underdeveloped area having its own spacious beautiful building with large open area in the form of beautiful garden and sports field. Our college has co-educational system with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members who have sole aim to help in inculcating social , moral and spiritual values in the students besides teaching their subjects using latest techniques. Since inception, the college has not only maintained a high standard in terms of quality of education but also contributed significantly towards the development of human resources in different fields by organizing National and International Seminars every year on various themes of different subjects.

India is marching forward to become the supreme power in a decade from now. To make it a reality, higher education must be available to everyone in the society to contribute for the nation in the form of good leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals. I welcome and assure you that tenure you will spend in the college will certainly help you to grow morally, scientifically, intellectually and will enable you to become responsible and contributing member of the society. Our efforts are to offer enjoyable and fulfilling experience of learning in a disciplined atmosphere. We feel it is our duty to help our students to develop a balanced personality a blend of practical needs and spiritual values.

Prof. Duresh Chand
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., FBS.